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Jay staniforth

Your Mentor for Total Success

Hey there, I’m Jay Staniforth – a property investor, entrepreneur, and physique athlete who has cracked the code to achieving greatness across all aspects of life. My journey from growing a 3 million pound property portfolio to transforming my weak body into a shredded physique, all whilst managing multiple thriving businesses, has inspired me to help fellow entrepreneurs achieve the same extraordinary balance.

At Mindset, Muscle & Money, we’re all about empowering entrepreneurs with the tools and insights they need to thrive. Through my personal experiences and dedicated community, we’re here to redefine what’s possible and show you that you can truly have it all – mindset, muscle and money!

Project Under Armour

The Mission To Defy The Odds And Capture The Attention Of A Leading Global Sports Brand.
Be part of the movement and experience the triumphs, setbacks, and invaluable lessons I learn on a journey that will not only captivate your imagination, but also ignite your own ambitions.
Let’s pave the way for a life where you can truly have it all – boundless health, untold wealth, and the fulfilment of your wildest dreams.

experience your future life today

Discover how to streamline your business operations, maximise your productivity, and create space for what truly matters – both in your work and personal life. No longer will you be bound by the chains of a hectic schedule, sacrificing your well-being and relationships in the pursuit of success.

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justin ingrey - multi-million pound property investor and mentor
“Jay is always someone that I know will tell me straight if I'm making a mistake and taking the easy route, or if I'm doing the right thing. He has helped me to add multi-6 figures to my annual revenue in literally a few months using his guidance, support and accountability”

IF YOU WANT TO achieve your 10 year goals in the next 12-36 months...



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