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Project Under Armour – The Journey To Get Sponsored By A Global Sports Brand

A Mission To Defy The Odds And Capture The Attention Of Under Armour, A Leading Global Sports Brand

Imagine catching the eye of a leading global sports brand, despite not meeting the qualification criteria of being a pro athlete or an influencer.

I have envisioned not only carving a path of success for myself but also fostering a community of like-minded individuals – a tribe of fellow entrepreneurs and business professionals united in their pursuit of excellence in health and business.

The mission extends beyond personal gain; it aims to inspire and empower others. With this goal, I am committed to motivate and support those who, like me, seek to build a life where they can have it all – exceptional health and abundant wealth.

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The project Under Armour timeline

1st May 2023 – A gym friend made the joke that I may as well be sponsored by Under Armour with the amount that I wear

13th May 2023 – The first Project Under Armour post was created as a reel on Instagram. You can view it here

28th June 2023 – Made contact with an Under Armour employee and agreed to arrange a call

7th July 2023 – Had call with awesome guy from the Under Armour social media team

8th July 2023 – The OFFICIAL Under Armour instagram page followed me!!!!

5th August 2023 – Under Armour sent out an ‘Influencer box’ of free clothing for me

14th September – Under Armour Reel went mini-viral with over 200k views

11th October 2023 – Emailed local Under Armour Store in an effort to gain a local collaboration

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