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How To Get Sponsored For Blog Posts

Sponsored content, a tantalising avenue of income that I’m keen on exploring in the blogosphere. While it might not be the ultimate in passive income, it certainly ranks high among the easier routes to monetising your blog. Now, I’m yet to delve into the realm of sponsored blog posts, but let me assure you, I’ve had a few offers. Alas, those offers didn’t quite align with my vision. Yet, rather than keeping all the secrets to myself, I’m here to share what I’ve been doing – strategies that could potentially unlock the door to sponsorship opportunities for you.

Now, let’s set the stage: A sponsored blog post is where a brand or company compensates you for crafting a post on your website. It’s typically a golden opportunity for them to shine a spotlight on their product or service via your platform. And guess what? The spotlight isn’t confined to your blog; sponsored campaigns can encompass a medley of blog posts, social media shares, and email newsletters.

The sweetest part? It pays well! Depending on your followers and how niche-specific your brand is, a single sponsored post can fetch you several hundred dollars or even more. So, even if you haven’t quite ascended to the status of an internet sensation, don’t fret. Niche influencers with fervent followers can still land sponsored posts. Here’s my personal playbook for securing these coveted opportunities:

A Vital Note: When treading the path of sponsored posts, remember that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has some strict rules. You must properly disclose any affiliations and financial ties with brands. Always, always include a proper disclaimer in your posts. Get more acquainted with the FTC rules here.

  1. Craft a Compelling Media Kit: Companies are inquisitive creatures; they want to peep into your media kit before shaking hands. What’s a media kit, you ask? It’s your digital resume, showcasing your social media stats, a captivating blurb about you, and insights into your blog’s demographics. In my kit, I also outline the various sponsorship packages I offer, complete with their price tags. If you’re unsure about what to charge, consider using a nifty tool like Social Bluebook to estimate your sponsorship fees based on your page views and social stats.

  2. Advertise Your Sponsorship Offerings: If you don’t shout it from the digital rooftops, how will anyone know you’re open for business? Create a dedicated “Advertise” page on your blog that lays out the red carpet for potential collaborators. Describe the different ways companies can partner with you.

  3. Keep a Hit List of Preferred Companies: Bagging sponsored posts is a two-way street, my friend. Opportunities can come knocking at your virtual door, but it’s also wise to don the hat of an entrepreneur and pitch ideas to businesses. Maintain a wish list of companies you dream of collaborating with. A pro tip here is to promote products and services you already adore. These partnerships evolve organically because you’re already a passionate advocate. Writing sponsored posts that are out of sync with your blog’s essence comes across as inauthentic and can repel your audience.

  4. Explore Influencer Networks: If you’re looking for more avenues to connect with brands, signing up with influencer sites can be a strategic move. While I haven’t personally struck gold through these networks, I’ve seen fellow bloggers thrive in this space. Here are a few networks to consider: SocialFabric, and TapInfluence.

  5. Tap into the Power of Blogger Referrals: My personal favourite strategy for landing sponsored posts is through referrals from fellow bloggers within my niche. The beauty of this approach is that you’re already aware of the compensation rates, and you can even obtain direct contacts from your peers. So, if you have blogging pals, don’t hesitate to ask if they’ve had any sponsored posts that might harmonise with your blog’s vibe. The added perk? Once you’ve worked with a PR professional who connects companies with bloggers, they often put in a good word for you on future campaigns.

  6. Start Small, Dream Big: Initially, I hesitated, doubting whether I was good enough or boasted a sufficiently vast following for sponsorships. Here’s a piece of advice: Don’t be shy. If your blog is drawing a decent stream of traffic and is making a tangible impact on a specific community, companies are eager to tap into an audience that values your opinion. This underscores the importance of being selective with your sponsored posts and endorsements. Remember, what you endorse is a direct reflection of you. Choose wisely.

There you have it, a sneak peek into my sponsorship playbook. With persistence, authenticity, and a dash of entrepreneurial flair, you too can unlock the doors to the world of sponsored blog posts. It’s a thrilling journey that can reward both your passion and your pocketbook. So, step boldly onto the sponsorship stage and make your blog a business in its own right.


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